VIP Buyer Programme

  • VIP Buyer Programme Overview

    The Travel Forward VIP Buyer Programme is the perfect opportunity for senior level employees be they the owner, the CTO, the CEO or a General Manager to create new opportunities by meeting with leading solution providers within the industry.

    Travel Technology is an expansive topic covering everything from CRM systems and social media to AI, predicative analysis, hotel reservation systems, data switches, payment solutions and mobile app development. Whatever the business and however big the business, it is almost guaranteed that there is some form of technology involved. We use technology for all manner of reasons from improving our internal organisational infrastructure to expanding our audience and capitalising on our societal demand for convenience.

    We are seeing more people using mobile app booking tools to search and book holidays and advanced predictive analysis has been proven to work. We are living in a society that knows what it wants, where customers want more and they want it easier and faster. Our fast paced lifestyle favours companies that can cater to the speed of the demanding customer. After all, the booking experience is now a very real part of the customer journey and the age old balance of quality over quantity has since been replaced by quality and quantity.

    While we all love that human element of face to face relationship building with clients, we are all faced with an ever growing need for global reach, cost saving endeavours and a desire to go virtual, the core focus being to improve efficiency, productivity and value. Having the right technology to suit business needs is now much more a crucial part of an overall business development plan than ever, whatever the technology solution may be. Our VIP Buyer Programme can meet your business needs. Find out how, below.

  • Travel tech solutions you can expect to find at Travel Forward…

    ✔ Accounting & Finance Systems
    ✔ Back Office Systems
    ✔ Big Data and Personalisation
    ✔ Booking & reservation systems
    ✔ Business automation and management
    ✔ Central reservation systems
    ✔ Channel Management
    ✔ Cloud Software
    ✔ Connectivity & Networks
    ✔ Consultancy
    ✔ Content Management and Provision
    ✔ Data Management and analytics tools
    ✔ Digital / Mobile / App providers
    ✔ Digital Marketing (SEO/Email/Social Media)
    ✔ Distribution systems
    ✔ E-Commerce / Payment systems & Solutions
    ✔ E-commerce and content management
    ✔ Expense Management
    ✔ GDS and Dataswitches
    ✔ Hotel Technology (PMS, POS, CRS, etc)
    ✔ In room technology and content
    ✔ Itinerary planning

    ✔ Launchpad
    ✔ Mobility Aggregators
    ✔ Network infrastructure & hardware
    ✔ Online Marketing, CRM & Customer Loyalty
    ✔ P2P & Review Platforms
    ✔ Personalisation
    ✔ Property Management systems
    ✔ Rail booking tool
    ✔ Reservation systems
    ✔ Screen tech & Digital Entertainment
    ✔ Self-booking tools
    ✔ Software solutions
    ✔ Startups
    ✔ Telecoms
    ✔ Ticketing
    ✔ Tour Operator / Travel Agent systems
    ✔ Translation software
    ✔ Transport technology
    ✔ Virtual assistants
    ✔ Virtual & Augmented Reality
    ✔ Web Design & Development
    ✔ Yield and revenue management

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