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  • Currencies as a Competitive Edge in the Travel Industry

    Monday10:30 - 11:004 Nov 2019
    Product Showcase

    Discover how to reduce costs and increase your sales revenue by embracing currencies. Use straight-through processing solutions to scale your business internati...

    • Language: English

  • Coffee and Refreshments

    Monday10:30 - 11:004 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    Morning refreshments

    • Language: English

  • Welcome Opening Address

    Monday11:00 - 11:104 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    Commencing the Travel Forward Conference 2019 by a welcome address from Jon Collins, Travel Forward, Programme and Content Director.

    • Language: English

  • Keynote: The Power of Moonshot Thinking

    Monday11:10 - 11:404 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    In this session we learn how thinking exponentially can help you to tackle huge industry problems by creating radical solutions using disruptive technology. Rea...

    • Language: English

  • New Mobility - The Payment Megatrend. And in the End it Has to be Paid!

    Monday11:15 - 11:454 Nov 2019
    Product Showcase

    Best Case Study on the integration of Chinese payment methods in order to achieve sustainable sales growth.

    • Language: English

  • Virgin Hyperloop One: Pushing the Boundaries of Transportation

    Monday11:40 - 12:004 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    Hyperloop is one of the most exciting new transport initiatives in the world today. We speak to Harj Dhaliwal, Managing Director Middle East & India at Virgin H...

    • Language: English

  • Hotels in the Era of Fierce Competition: Let the Data Lead your Way to Become Guests' First Choice

    Monday12:00 - 12:304 Nov 2019
    Product Showcase

    It is well known that hotel doesn't represent only a building but complete guest experience. Ignoring any of its components can permanently damage hotels' brand...

    • Language: English

  • Panel - Unlocking Travel Technology Innovation

    Monday12:00 - 12:404 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    While all travel providers want to become more agile and innovative, the route is not so straightforward: it needs to encompass bringing together different stak...

    • Language: English

  • Fireside Chat - Delivering on the Digital Transformation of Travel

    Monday12:40 - 13:004 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre

    Having heard ways in which new technology can be put to use to drive travel innovation, in this session we learn from CWT's experience from the field, to answer...

    • Language: English

  • The Death of Batch & Blast Email

    Monday12:45 - 13:154 Nov 2019
    Product Showcase

    Personalisation is a challenge most marketeers face but none more so than travel. When we personalise, our customers feel understood and in turn trust that bran...

    • Language: English

  • Lunch

    Monday13:00 - 13:454 Nov 2019
    TF Keynote Theatre


    • Language: English

  • Startup Competition - Heat 1

    Monday13:30 - 14:304 Nov 2019
    Startup Competition

    Taking place on 4th & 5th November, the Startup Competition will see some of the hottest start-ups in travel technology pitch their products and innovations to ...

    • Language: English

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