Virtual Event

  • Virtual Event

    We understand that given the current situation surrounding the global pandemic that not everyone will want or will be able to travel. Join us from the comfort of your home as Travel Forward is offering a virtual event taking place from 9-11 November 2020.

    A virtual event is the perfect way to make new supplier connections and meet your business objectives without needing to leave the house. You will be able to send and receive appointment requests, re-schedule any meetings, access the online content and enjoy productive business meetings via the online video meeting platform

    Via your virtual event buyer dashboard you will be able to access the following:

    • Appointment request and accept functionality for both Travel Forward and WTM London exhibitors
    • Appointment diary
    • See your starred exhibitors – the ones you really want to have a meeting with
    • Access your meetings inbox


    • Submission of your application will be taken as your agreement to attend the first two days of the show as per the requirements on the website.
    • You must commit to a minimum of 5 appointments per day on the first two days of the event to meet a total minimum of 10 appointments with Travel Forward exhibitors.


    • Online meeting platform
    • Ability to share virtual business cards and other documents
    • Email functionality with Exhibitors
    • Personalised diary of appointments via Connect Me
    • Networking event with Travel Forward Exhibitors
    • Travel Forward VIP Badge that distinguishes you as a top buyer in the industry
    • Have exclusive early bird access to the platform to complete your appointment minimum

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